I know I’ve been Instagramming it up today (catching up), but they re-did the Communication Dept. Awards cases and I just noticed that a couple of the play #posters I designed are in there!!! That sorta made my day. :) #design #theatre #experience (at Aven Fine Arts Building)

Terra Lumina, by Terra Lumina →

Melodysheep and William Crowley’s band Terra Lumina is a collection of folk/rock songs with themes including gravity, geology, photons, and the Doppler effect. I especially love the “Ode to Pluto” song. YAY for SCIENCE and MUSIC!!! Also, the CD/vinyl design and layout are stellar!

5/18/2013 (6:58am)

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Clever ad I ran across on Manila Luzon’s Facebook page! GREAT direction! —AK

Educating myself. #design #better #dream

Love my old Speedball book! Free-handing some calligraphy before I break out the grid paper. A lot to go. #typography #design

For Christmas, I received a Halloween gift from my best friend, Sean Galey! My friend, Sean, went to go see Sharon Needles in Charlotte, NC for her Halloween show, and brought back a great gift. :D

Sean handcrafted these wonderful, limited screen prints to take with him on the road. I wasn’t able to meet Sharon myself, but I was lucky enough to receive one of the exclusive prints he made in her honor, SIGNED BY SHARON!!! Check it out!

Wanna see more of his great work? Go to seangaley.com or check him out on Twitter or Instagram @heyseangaley.

And of course, the lovely inspiration that is Sharon Needles. Find this Drag Race Superstar on Facebook, on Twitter @SHARON_NEEDLES, or on Instagram @sharonneedlespgh.

<3 <3 <3

-Ariss King, @arissking

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