Found this great tutorial on the newsfeed! A customizable, Lego purse!!! SQUEE! I honestly wouldn’t mind storing my purse-universe subspace in this! (Scott Pilgrim joke, kiddos! Har-har!)

I want a pair of thunderbolt earrings for the summer.  Especially since a lot of “hero” films are coming out.  I could even sport them for Harry Potter nite. (yes, I love Harry Potter probably more than I should for my age…) 

Also on the list of jewelry that I’ve been wanting for years is a Bonfim Brazilian Wish Ribbon bracelet.  The story is that these ribbons come from the mystical town of Bahia, Brazil and they help grant wishes to all who wear them. Tie them around your wrists, ankles, bag straps, key chains, etc. When the material wears down and the ribbons fall off naturally, your wish will be granted. 

A little magic and a little luck. :)