For Christmas, I received a Halloween gift from my best friend, Sean Galey! My friend, Sean, went to go see Sharon Needles in Charlotte, NC for her Halloween show, and brought back a great gift. :D

Sean handcrafted these wonderful, limited screen prints to take with him on the road. I wasn’t able to meet Sharon myself, but I was lucky enough to receive one of the exclusive prints he made in her honor, SIGNED BY SHARON!!! Check it out!

Wanna see more of his great work? Go to or check him out on Twitter or Instagram @heyseangaley.

And of course, the lovely inspiration that is Sharon Needles. Find this Drag Race Superstar on Facebook, on Twitter @SHARON_NEEDLES, or on Instagram @sharonneedlespgh.

<3 <3 <3

-Ariss King, @arissking